Who Am I?

I'm an educator, researcher and analytical thinker. From working as a globally certified English teacher for students from more than 33 countries for 3 years, I began studying Bitcoin and crypto in 2016, then translating my knowledge into working full-time in the industry in 2018. From the get-go, I read anything and everything about cryptocurrencies that I could for two years, then using that knowledge in 2018 to begin writing regular articles for several industry blogs. By 2019, Bitpanda noticed my experienced and brought me on to play an instrumental role in their construction of an educational "Academy" or library of content on all things deemed essential for newcomers to know about the burgeoning crypto industry. By 2020, I moved to other clients such as Numerai and ChangeNow, helping the former bootstrap the initial growth of their new Erasure marketplace through an explainer piece geared towards a wide audience, and the latter through several pieces for their own Academy. By August, I began as a full-time member of the Norwegian Block Exchange team and since then, I've been instrumental in the marketing department, which began as just me and my boss, who more than fulfills the function of a CMO. During my time there, I've worked on brand materials including the NBX brand's strategy, press releases, a library of customer support content, company announcements, analytical pieces, partnership content, and everything in-between. In the beginning of April, I began consulting with an NFT-focused startup, helping the founding team to understand anything and everything they wanted to know about NFTs and the crypto industry at-large. Now, they're using that knowledge to build their offering, with which I'm still involved.

Along my journey down the crypto rabbit hole, I've met all sorts of wonderful, creative people, most of which are still doing their utmost to change the world in their own ways. When I look back on my career thus far, I see myself as a teacher above-all with a unique ability to break-down all of the technical intricacies of the cryptocurrency industry so that the world's general populace can truly understand its' promise. 

My vision for this site is that over time, it will contain a powerful library of crypto industry content that anyone can turn to, to get started and go further on their journey through the space. Additionally, I plan to use this site as the hub for my future consultancy business, with which I aim to use my experience to help individuals and businesses world-wide, understand how this industry can help them. 

If that interests you, then stick around! 

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