Key Work I've Done

Norwegian Block Exchange: NBX- From July 2020 to the present time, I've written or had a major hand in every piece of content for NBX, while serving as the de-facto Head of Content and working on SEO, market research, and competitor analyses, all while serving directly under the marketing manager(=CMO). Below you'll find key examples of my work across all channels:

1. First and foremost, I worked on the branding for the company from the outset of my employment there with the marketing manager. Together, we crafted all of the elements you can see on the landing page today. 

2. Customer Support Library- Though the format may change as the company grows, I both re-worked and added to NBX's customer support content library until it became what you can see today. To date, it's still an on-going effort that of course, grows as the company does. 

3. Medium: A Company Blog and the Company Story, Mission, Vision and Values

A. Defining NBX as a Brand, B. Bitcoin: Fact vs. Fiction, C. Valuing Ether, D. 5 Key Takeaways from Bloomberg's Crypto Summit, E. Identifying and Avoiding Crypto-Centric Ponzi Schemes, F. Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Asset?, G. What are CBDCs?: Do they Compete With Bitcoin? (and many more)

4. The NBX Landing Page Blog (as of now, the company is pivoting to its' own centrally hosted blog) 

5. NBX PR (I and my boss work on all PR together):  Example Before securing my full-time position with NBX, I freelanced with and several other firms for a summer. Through already being acquainted with's COO, Natasha-Jade Chandler via Twitter, I was contracted to publish a long-form, easily accessible post explaining with the Erasure Marketplace was and why it's beneficial for all sorts of people:

A. The Erasure Post

One-Off Post for a Private Newsletter:

 A. What is Synthetix and why is it risky?

Bitpanda Academy- While working at Bitpanda from 2019-2020, I worked on the content strategy for the Bitpanda Academy, then playing a major hand in what was included in all of its' sections. For the Beginner topics, I acted as an editor, offering input. For the Intermediate and Expert sections, I penned nearly all of the topics on my own. In addition to being instrumental in the Academy's development, I also kickstarted my experience being involved with international PR, company announcements(corporate communications), and customer support articles. See examples below:

1. Bitpanda Academy

2. "How to withdraw and add BEST to an ERC20 compatible wallet"

3. "Bitpanda Goes Global"

(This page is a work in progress and will be updated periodically). 


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